Who are we ?

Marie-France Dequeker

Forte de sa formation linguistique, Marie-France Dequeker a fondé cette association en 2009 afin de promouvoir l'apprentissage de l'anglais. Responsable marketing international chez Zebra, elle utilise ses langues au quotidien et cherche à initier les jeunes enfants aux langues étrangères  et cela, dès le plus jeune âge, afin de favoriser leur curiosité internationale , que ce soit au niveau social, culturel ou professionnel. 

Isabelle Cadé

Isabelle est comédienne, anglophone, a suivi sa formation chez Jean Perimony, Steve Kalfa et Tania Lopert (Actors sudio). Formée à l'enseignement et la prise de parole en public, Isabelle décide en 2009 d'allier ses deux passions, le théâtre et l'anglais. Maman de deux enfants, elle prend conscience des limites de l'enseignement de l'anglais  en milieu scolaire et des bienfaits du théâtre dans le développement personnel. C'est avec une joie immense qu'Isabelle suit les progrès des jeunes Act&bloomers depuis bientôt 8 ans.

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Anne-Sophie Bonnal

Anne-Sophie teaches English for Act&bloom children and French for American Students in Paris. She trained and taught in France, in the USA and in the UK, where she has lived for years.
She is very involved in the artistic scene since she started assisting performing artists across Europe more than 10 years ago, has worked in production, artistic conception, stage management and direction of several shows ever since.
Anne-Sophie is extremely pleased to be collaborating with Act and Bloom, since it allows her to combine her two great loves: Teaching and Theater.

Michaël Cohen

Michael was initiated into theatre in London, where he spent 6 years of his youth. In Paris, he met several drama teachers, and loved to see different playing methods. He plays, in France mostly today, on stage or in front of a camera, almost every week, and is still as delighted as when he started.
He is happy to combine two passion of his : pass down what he learned, and speak English.

Raluca Nechita

Raluca Nechita is a young actress and English/Acting teacher in Paris. She trained at the Cours Florent and KEYS Acting Studio as an actress and has had stage and film experience in both French and English. Her experience in working with children ranges from theater games, improvisation, focus exercises, character building, as well as singing and dancing. She has helped stage and put on several plays and musicals for children aged 3 to 17 and she has also contributed to as a writer for some of them.

Lysette Ten Bosch

Lysette is trained as an actress and teacher in the Netherlands and taught in the United States for several years. She taught children ranging from 4 to 18 years old for over 10 years! She believes that theater is about creating and exploring, while making a meaningful connection with our surroundings. Theater is the perfect way to learn English, because all senses are involved. She studied acting techniques like improvisation, performance, stand-up-comedian, voice expression and dance.